Artistic Leadership

Rideau Chorale’s Music Director plans each season’s programming with input from the
Executive Board, and also leads the choristers in rehearsals, preparing them for performances. The Accompanist is an integral part of Rideau Chorale, providing valuable guidance and musical support to both the Music Director and to the choir directly during rehearsals, and often accompanies the choir during concerts.

Kevin Reeves, Music Director

Well-known on the classical music scene in Ottawa, Kevin Reeves is the founding director of Seventeen Voyces, which has been heard under his direction on national radio and television…

Carson Becke, Accompanist

Canadian pianist Carson Becke has performed worldwide. He holds a
doctorate in musicology from the University of Oxford, and is the director of Pontiac Enchanté, a concert series in Quebec.

Roland Graham, Founding Music Director (2015-22)

A musician with an array of artistic talents, Roland Graham is an accomplished pianist, conductor, composer, and impresario.